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Mindfulness Box

This 'Mindful' box is carefully curated to help you practice stillness, explore your true self and focus on living with more intention everyday.

From scented candles, to cute pencils, each product has been specially designed with YOU in mind.

This Box Includes -
- 6oz. Scented Candles 
  • One Candle Box - Pink Paradise scent 
  • Two Candle Box -  1 Lily & Aloe scent and 1 Pink Paradise scent
- Be Mindful A6 notebook
- Mini Pencil
- Truth or Dare Self-Exploratory Game (31 Deck of Cards)
- Floral Enamel pin

And it will help you...
- Stay open to discovering yourself
- Meditate and Connect with infinite possibilities
- Listen to your intuition, five minutes of quiet everyday.
- Make doing what you love a priority
- Take the pressure off and get back in on the adventure
- Look for ways to be grateful for everything in your life
- Focus on mindfulness everyday

This box will be perfect as a gift to yourself or to a loved one