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3 ways to burn candles safely

3 ways to burn candles safely

If you love candles like me you don't need a occasion to burn candles but I will share with you the 3 occasions I burn my candles  and do so safely. 


If its the holidays (or not)  having a lightly scented candle burning as a center piece is nice for ambiance and if its not to strong can speak to the occasion. For fall gatherings I do alot of vanilla bases like Pumpkin Spice or for Christmas I like to burn a Blue Spruce or cheery uplifting Scent. If its Spring or Summer something floral, ozonic or citrus is a perfect fit. 

2. Cooking

When my family is gathered in the kitchen family room I like to burn a candle while I cook.  Im not trying to offset any bad scents but a calming atmosphere and the smell of  something familiar and warm sets the tone for the evening.

3. Relaxing

Ok this one is a no brainier. Bubble baths, eating chocolate, reading your favorite book, or meditating are all incredible excuses to light a flame and take deep a breath.

My top 3 occasions all have one thing in common. I never leave my flame unattended so if your doing something like laundry or anything where you must step away several times to attend to anything else, then It may not be good ideal to burn you candle. 

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