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When my first little baby arrived I wish I can tell you I knew what to do. I was exhausted from nursing him all hours of the night and thankfully he slept most of the time. Eventually, as babies do, He’d have more waking hours to be filled with play and interaction with the world. After kissing his little cheeks and nursing him. I didn’t know much else to say. Thankfully my sisters and other experts helped.

Reading and singing became a source of bonding for us. Reading helps our babies language skills, enhance memory and build his vocabulary. Right now our youngest at 18 mos is repeating the last word in the sentences that we read. He is adding more to his vocabulary too express himself.

Our latest read to him is a children’s book called “Mama I’m going to be a millionaire” by Justin Bell and Illustrator Tiara Kinnebrew @kinnewhat. The book is a well written, easy to read, rhyming book. Justin did a phenomenal job telling an inclusive message of what it means to be rich monetarily and virtuously. Head over to to add this book to your children’s library and and follow @future_black_millionaire on Instagram.

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