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Hello My Name is Jenny.

Jenny Bean Candles Owner Jennifer Porter

Hello! For those of you that are new here. Please let me reintroduce myself. My name is Jennifer. I am the owner of Jenny Bean Candles. A black-owned Candle company based in Southern California. Our Candles are Simply Made, clean burning and environmentally conscious. We use natural ingredients and premium fragrance oils to create non-toxic and richly scented candles for you to enjoy or gift.

This year marks 9 years for me in business and I am thrilled that I still am enjoying what I do and provide to my customers around the US.

its because of our loyal customers Lemon Verbena, Lily & Aloe, Emerald Earth and Pink Paradise soy candles are among our top sellers and customer reorders. I look forward to working with you in 2021 and beyond!

Here are three other things about me....


#1 I love Jesus.  Its the reason I show up in community efforts, support of friends and a guiding force for how I want to live my life. 

#2 I love Color! It also shows in the design and patterns of our candles too. 

#3. I absolutely love my Family. My family is my "Why"!   They support me and my passions. 


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