Scent Favorites

I get asked alot of questions from customers and store owners about candles.  This is my favorite question of all...

What is your favorite scent?

Do you want to know my favorite scent? or the one that sells the most in my store? I want you to know that what i think dosent really matter. Heres why...

Experiencing a scent is subjective based on your personal experiences and taste. Let me give you an example...

My Favorite day of the week is Sunday. When I was a little girl I vividly remember the smells of Sunday church preparation and celebrations after. The smell of blue wave hair grease, Mother Stains lemon meringue pie. A pair of cotton tights fresh out of the packaging. What does your Sundays smell like? These fond memories and the smells that come with them are imprinted deep within my heart .

I do ask customers why certain scents resonate with them? One customer shared "when my Father came home he loved to smoke his pipe and sit in his chair. I would play games while he would watch TV. I never forgot the smell of his cherry tobacco. When I smell it it brings me back to him."  The scent of Cherry Tobacco is fond to her.

Another customer cried when smelling an Autumn Candle called "Pecan Praline."  It reminded her of her daughter who she lost to Breast Cancer. Her daughter loved the Fall. 

The calming scent of Lavender is reminiscent of a spa day. Vanilla brings people to a happy place similar to many celebrations such as birthdays, Fall, and Holidays. If Gardening is your happy place then there are some fresh ozonic smells such as fresh cut roses fresh zucchini and lemon verbena

 Think about the experiences that you (or you customers) may have experienced. perhaps you also share this common experience with your customers or the person your gifting a candle too. I hope i didint at all confuse you but give yourself some credit. You are more of an expert on what you like than you think.  

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